Tele-MedRec FAQ

What is tele-medrec?
  • Tele-medrec is a process of obtaining the most accurate medication history prior to an office visit with your provider.
  • This process is conducted by a state-licensed Pharmacist or a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician using state-of-the-art telemedicine solution. It allows you to connect from any place, including your home.
  • Truentity Health is conducting this service on behalf of your provider to help streamline the overall office visit check-in process and gather the most accurate medication history possible.
How do I use tele-medrec?
  • You talk to the Pharmacist by phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Using video will allow you to see each other.
  • A complete set of instructions will be sent to you via email.
How does tele-medrec help me?
  • Since the tele-medrec session is conducted prior to your office visit, the overall check-in process is much more streamlined therefore allowing you to spend more time with you provider and spending less time trying to remember your list of medications, supplements, and OTC drugs.
Can tele-medrec be bad for me?
  • You and your pharmacist won’t be in the same room, so it may feel different than an office visit.
  • A complete medication history may not be possible due to various technical and non-technical factors.
  • Your provider may decide to perform an additional medication history interview during the admission process.
  • Technical problems may interrupt or stop your tele-medrec session before you are done.
Will my tele-medrec visit be private?
  • We will not record your conversation with the pharmacist.
  • If people are close to you, they may hear something you did not want them to know. You should be in a private place, so other people cannot hear you.
  • Your pharmacist will tell you if someone else from their office can hear or see you.
  • We use telehealth technology that is designed to protect your privacy.
  • If you use the Internet for telehealth, use a network that is private and secure.
What if I try tele-medrec and don’t like it?
  • You can stop using our service at any time, even during a tele-medrec visit.
  • If you decide to do this, then a medication history interview will be conducted by your provider during your office visit.
  • If you decide you do not want to use tele-medrec again:
    • call or text 617-877-8872 and say you want to stop, OR
    • email
How much does a tele-medrec visit cost?
  • This is a free service for you, paid for it by your provider.
Do I have to sign the consent form?
  • No. Only sign this document if you want to use tele-medrec.
What does it mean if I sign this document?
  • If you sign this document, you agree that:
    • We talked about the information in this document.
    • We answered all your questions.
    • You want a tele-medrec visit.