Key Features

Vast Network

Our data source network spans over thousands of health systems and pharmacies ensuring the most accurate medication history.

Advanced Technology

Computer vision and advanced machine learning helps quickly and accurately identify prescription medications, supplements, and OTC drugs.

Clinical Workflows

Comprehensive provider-based workflows to help streamline processes and increase efficiencies.

Pharmacist led Interventions

Pharmacist led tele-medrec service for pre-admission medication reconciliation and post-discharge follow-up.

Secure & Private

We are serious about Privacy and Security.  We leverage standards-based privacy protocols & AES-256 encryption to keep data secure.

Medication Errors Impact Millions of Lives Daily


of patient’s prescription histories have one or more errors at admission

*World Health Organization 

7 Million

patients impacted by preventable medication errors

*U.S. National Library of Medicine


of readmissions due to medication errors.

*U.S. National Library of Medicine

Our Mission

Dramatically reduce preventable medication errors and hospital readmissions that impact millions of lives each year.

Key Benefits

For Providers

  • Generate revenue for transitions of care management for Medicare patients with a collaborative practice agreement.
  • Less burden on scarce clinical resources.
  • Increased STAR Ratings & HCAHPS Scores.
  • Write backs to in-house EHRs for greater efficiency.

For Patients

  • A thorough review of current medication regimens by a clinical pharmacist.
  • Receive cost-effective medication recommendations.
  • Live a healthier life by reducing ineffective medications.
  • Portable digital medication list that is always with you that can be easily shared with caregivers and providers.

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