A place for patients to store their most up to date medication list and for providers to get access to the most accurate medication history to drive better outcomes.

Provider Workflows

Comprehensive clinical workflows to increase efficiency, reduce medication errors, and provide a clear picture of the patient’s medication therapy regimen and adherence.


The most advanced and easy-to-use mobile app allows patients to easily capture medication info and share it with their providers and care teams.

Robust Network Access

Access to prescription records from patients, electronic health records systems, and dozens of other data sources, which ensures greater visibility and accuracy.

Virtual MedRec

A virtual med-rec service performed by a Board Certified Pharmacist to ensure higher medication history accuracy. 

Easily Shareable

Ability to share medication history across any health system based on the patient’s consent and requires NO IT integration.

Caregiver Access

Upon the patient’s consent, caregivers such as family members, nurses, remote care helpers etc., can easily view and manage medications and other health records.

Our Solutions

Medication Software Platform

A secure mobile health platform that allows patients to securely collect, organize and share their critical medication data across multiple health systems.  Provider-based system and workflows allow access to data from multiple sources including patient-gathered, which helps streamline processes, increase compliance, and reduce cost.

Tele-MedRec Service

Tele-MedRec Service

A dedicated board-certified pharmacist performs a virtual med rec service on behalf of the Provider to assess the patient’s current medication therapies and generate an accurate medication history before a hospital visit.  Upon discharge, thorough post-discharge medication reconciliation is conducted for greater adherence and to reduce hospital readmissions.