Our Vision

Improve health care using advanced technologies.

Our Why

We are Caregivers too! We realize the importance of individuals having access to accurate health data when they need it the most. We believe Providers should focus on creating positive outcomes and not on inefficient workflows and outdated technology that consume their precious time. We know that miscommunication between the patient and provider leads to medical errors and an overall reduction in care.

What We Do

Truentity Health is on a mission to dramatically reduce preventable medication errors that impact millions of lives each year and drive up costs for healthcare providers. Our complete medication reconciliation (medrec) solution combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise to deliver on this promise.

Before and after a patient’s clinic or hospital visit, a board-certified pharmacist performs a comprehensive medrec process to compile a complete and up-to-date record of their prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, supplements, drug allergies, past adverse reactions, and identify discrepancies before they can lead to preventable errors. This record is securely stored by the Truentity Health platform, giving the provider a holistic view of the patient’s medication history. Patients can access these records and share them with their care team. As a result, patients achieve more positive health outcomes, and providers improve efficiency and reduce costs while increasing their STAR ratings and HCAHPS scores and generating revenue via CMS reimbursements.

Who We Are

We are a seasoned team of health tech and cybersecurity entrepreneurs. With combined team experience of 75+ years, we have the expertise and know-how to manage and protect personal health data and build comprehensive clinical workflows that drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and drive better outcomes.

Leadership Team

Mike Desai

Co-founder & CEO

Rajeev Tipnis

Co-founder & CTO


Ashish Sitapara, MD

Chairman of Board

St. Mary Hospital

Nainesh Parikh, MD/MBA

Asst. Chief Medical Officer

Moffitt Cancer Center

Alan Safdi, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Telluride Longevity Institute

Billy Willis

CTO (Retired)

Duke Health

Sundeep Bhan

Founder & CEO


Quinn O’Brien

Global Marketing